Anthony Roddie

About The Author

He was born in St.Louis. As a young child, he moved several times before settling in Atlanta, Georgia. Started writing and gained writing inspirations from current events, casual conversations, cultural differences, relationships, and politics. After listening to several conversations about relationships, the knowledge was gained about the strength of trust.

Trust Over Love

About the Book

This is a story of relationships and how one’s actions could affect the relationship itself. Relationships are not about giving your all but what all are you willing to give. There are many types of relationships (man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, parent/child, friend/friend, person/group of people, person/environment, etc.). This is a fictional story addressing some real life issues dealing with relationships. How love could be blinding to the point of leading a person down a dark path. How trust can conquer lies that were meant to protect not so much to deceive. Understanding one’s intentions instead of focusing on the lies that were told. Zion made a life (forever) decision as a young man.

Trust Over Love

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